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Challenging Economic Times Making It Difficult For Shepherd's Way

The past few years economic conditions have made it difficult for our organization. In 2020 and 2021 we had to deal with two years of covid which caused a huge loss of revenue. Now, in 2022, due to poor economic conditions in the country not only are we dealing with budgetary shortfalls, we are getting slammed with double-digit inflation on items that we have to purchase for our programs.

As we seek to keep our Help With Basics program going, some of the items that we've had to purchase (razors, for example) have increased by as much as 42% in price.

Help With Basics is a very important program in our mission to help the homeless and, we need money to keep it operating. I'm asking for your help in this endeavor. To find out how you can help us to keep this very important program going please go to our website or, give us a call at 603-374-4534.

No donation amount is too small and, whatever you give will be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Merle Burke, President & Founder Shepherd's Way

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