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More Busy Times

We've been collecting coats for our Coats and Boots Program. We've hit discount stores looking for bargains on new winter coats and have had individuals and churches make In-Kind donations.

We've also been handing out hygiene kits left and right and have been traveling around the Greater Manchester area and other areas handing out blankets, socks and water.

Last week we ordered a large quantity of mylar 'space blankets' to help the homeless living outside in the cold.

We've also been busy supplying organizations that help the homeless. We try to share our surplus inventories with them.

It's an exciting but busy time for us as we gear up for the winter.

You can help us in our worthwhile mission by going to our Donate Page. There are many ways to help us and your support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You...

Merle Burke, President & Founder

Shepherd's Way

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