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We Won't Forget Him

Thursday February 15 was a very busy day for our outreach. We started at 6:30AM and went to resource centers in Manchester and Concord, New Hampshire, and to several parks and shelters. We handed out hundreds of items and at one park we met a bunch of young people who were half frozen. We gave them survival blankets, warm gloves and socks and we got them several large pizzas to eat.

We met one young man in the group who had no winter coat. All he had on was just a hoodie. He said that he lived outdoors and hadn't slept or eaten in three days. He said that he was freezing and felt like killing himself his life sucked so much. He said at times he wondered if anyone still loved him. He needn't wonder about that anymore.

We got him a brand-new heavy winter coat and we won't forget him.

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