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We had our hands full in January. We got call from homeless assistance programs to help unsheltered flood victims who were living in tents along the Merrimack River in NH. We got calls for assistance from as far away as Somerset County in Maine. We purchased tents, sleeping bags, tarps, food, water and other items and delivered them to people in need.

As we use our own vehicles, at times it was a great challenge to get things delivered. Speaking of vehicles, it would be such a blessing for us and the people we serve if we had a van to help us transport things. If only we could get an auto dealership to help us out. We've tried many times before but haven't had any success.

We got a wonderful donation of socks and coats in January and we gave pretty much all of them out We are hoping/praying that we can get our inventories back up as the homeless count on us.

Thank you for all you do to help us to accomplish our mission.

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